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By: Miranda Knaus & Alexis Duarte



What is Kid Pix? 


          Kid Pix is a multimedia program geared toward K-3 students. It was originally created by Craig Hickman in 1989 who was inspired to create a program after witnessing his son struggle with MacPaint. Later, it was published by Broderbund and The Learning Company. Kid Pix was designed to allow students to store bitmap data in an easy and creative manner.



Teacher Uses


  •  introduce students to slideshows (similar to a Powerpoint format)


  • teach students how to use technology in the classroom


  • enhance or support a lesson with tools and features in Kid Pix 


Student Uses


  • create unique images


  • experiment with different features and styles


  • make decisions


  • react to their designs and share with others







Links to Tutorials:


Kid Pix Ideas 


Kid Pix Teaching Tips


How-to Videos


Kid Pix Powerpoint Tutorial




Links to Articles:


Using Technology for Storytelling




Technology Lesson Plans



Other Links


Why Pick Kid Pix? Let Me Count the Ways... 


Kid Pix History






Photo: Kid Pix. Retrieved March 23, 2009 from www.edresources.com/.../kidpix/home.htm


Why Pick Kid Pix? Let Me Count the Ways...Retrieved on March 23, 2009 from:



For Future Students....

When we presented Kid Pix, we did it on computers installed with Microsoft. These computers did not have Kid Pix installed on them so when we had the class go to the apps section of blackboard and try to download it, some were able to and some were not. So, we decided to move to another classroom. This classroom let us pick whether we wanted to use Mac or Microsoft. We picked Mac because it has the program installed on it. The program ran a little slow, especially when using the slideshow portion of it. The program will be made availabe on the Microsoft side of the computer soon. I would just make sure that you are prepared for the program to be a little slow and for it to freeze up. That happened as well.



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