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Group Members:

Stacie Estrada Stacie.Estrada@asu.edu

Melissa Richey Melissa.Boyd@asu.edu






            Wiki came from the Hawaiian word meaning fast. A wiki is a website that allows users to create, edit, and link pages that other users can access and edit also.  Anyone who is a member of a wiki can edit and make changes. Wikis are used to collaborate websites making communication with group project easier. A common example of a wiki is Wikipedia.  It is an encyclopedia that anyone has access to edit information. 




·      Allows collaboration without having to email back and forth

·      Makes group projects easier to communicate

·      Allows all users to edit and make changes

·      All users of the wiki is notified of any changes




·      All users can see all information posted and changed

·      With many users, it can get messy, with information everywhere

·      All users have access to edit




  • Provide a space for free writing
  • Debating course topics
  • Maintain a journals for group projects
  • Requiring students to write about documents, such as an essay by the whole class
  • Discussing different innovations
  • For learning projects
  • To revise different Wikipedia pages
  • Great for building classroom communities  



  • Better note taking in legibility ( No more wondering what you scribbled down on your paper)
  • Students can link other sites to their wikis as well, as link other pages within their wikis
  • Collaborating: students can all collaborate on the same wiki, making it easy to learn from your peers
  • Wikis are cheap! (Most of them are free)
  • Developing a higher level of critical thinking
  • Develop skills for negotiating conflict and assist effective teamwork.   






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